Thursday, December 16, 2010

Strip #11: Own Pocket Money

Have you ever change your perspective before on small things when you have to buy it on your own? Sometime we take small price lightly until it our turn to buy.


  1. bro..ko punye blog mmg cool.aku pon keje aku pon boleh relate to some of the things that u have posted. keep it up!! cheers!!

  2. hhahaha...tau xpe....
    used to pay all the bils with my parents money..
    after i've worked, i need to pay em my self...n now i know y my parents love to complain bout it

  3. @shahzane
    I do think non-offshore viewer may not understand the comic. :) heheheh

    when my wife start paying the house electric bill, she just really committed on switching the light off when not using without being told to.

  4. bila duit ada,sume nk dibeli..bila dah "ter"beli, start to complain its worthless but sometimes they keep repeating again n ckp pakai duit ikut hati n perasaan..haha

  5. But you never feel it until it come out from your pocket

  6. own money and other ppl money is big difference =D